A few words on the values

Prices of the devices

A few words on the values

The given prices are intended to help the collector to assess a purchase price. Most pieces of this collection were purchased in the usual online auction houses (Ebay, Todocoleccion etc.). The prices correspond to the average sales prices (not to the individual item prices) in the respective countries (for example Ebay USA or Ebay France).

Some visitors of this site will be amazed at how often items that are around 70 years old have been assigned a moderate price on this website. This is due to the fact that there are not that many collectors interested in some of these gadgets. In addition, these devices have always been manufactured industrially and in large numbers. For example, the well-known Spanish manufacturer NIC has produced more than 1 million toy projectors of which quite a lot are still in working condition even after 70 years. Therefore the most expensive models or devices with a rare colour variant are often those which bring the highest prices today since they were produced in much smaller quantities.

However, relatively low-priced objects, e.g. those which are only on offer in the USA, are much more expensive in Germany, since the shipping costs often make up a multiple of the gadget's price.

The prices of the devices which have been assigned the rarity "very rare" or "single piece" can only be a rough guideline, since the devices are so rarely offered that there can be big differences in their prices.

Objects which are quite common can usually be bought at a better price at online auction houses, since here the large offer leads to price drops. On flea markets or antiques markets the prices for these objects are usually too high, because the sellers who usually do not know the exact value of their objects tend to ask too high prices. Rare devices, on the other hand, often generate prices on ebay which are higher than the prices at antiques markets because online there is a much higher demand for rare devices.

The object's condition matches its price

Of course the price of a device is always dependent on the condition of the same. In the following you will therefore find a description of the objects' conditions which are the basis for their prices. 

Condition used without packaging, accessories can be incomplete.

Metal body

  • minimal rust formation
  • original finish or surface
  • device complete; all gears in working condition
  • petroleum lamp can be missing; optics complete and without cracks/fissures
  • electrical parts can be renewed, but with original lamp holder
  • lighting and film drive in working condition

Bakelite body

  • no cracks or chips
  • device complete; minimal scratches
  • all gears are used
  • optics complete and without cracks/fissures
  • electrical parts can be renewed
  • lighting and film drive in working condition

Plastic body

  • no cracks or chips
  • minimal scratches
  • device complete
  • optics complete and without cracks/fissures
  • electrical parts can be renewed
  • lighting and film drive in working condition

Paper or cardboard body

  • minimal cracks
  • no missing parts
  • somewhat faded, but easily readable

Surcharge with original and well-preserved packaging in used condition: + 20% (after 1935) to + 40% (before 1935)

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